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Σύνθεση, Midi programming/DAW’s

Μουσικά Όργανα

Καχον (Cajon), Κρουστά Παραδοσιακα, Μπάσο Ακουστικό, Μπάσο Ηλεκτρικό

Είδος Μουσικής

Jazz, Blues Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Pop, Soul, RnB, Acid Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Latin, Ambient, Hip-Hop, Rap, Folk



Mark me as an easy-going low-ender with a pro attitude, quality gear and a disciplined approach, who’s interested in getting involved with studio and live recordings, live shows and events, picture scoring, band projects, writing, remixing and co-production. I’ve been playing fretted/fretless 4&6str basses for various projects since ’85 and have become quite familiar with band dynamics, live stages, recording set-ups and… mishaps! I’ve occasionally assumed the roles of bandleader, songwriter, scoring to picture, A/V tech and live sound engineer – gaining a working knowledge of guitar/bass set-ups, recording processes and studio gear, managing to track four band LPs and one solo EP and survive through about 680 live gigs. I’m not too bad on percussion and backing vocals and am a half-decent re-mixer/producer… but as a bassist, I may walk it, groove it, swing it, run it, thump it, pick it, scat it, drive it… and slap it!

Bands and projects:
7th Sex Alley -Bass, backing vocs
Don Kopanielli & The Groovemeisters -Bass, percussion composing
Sea Drunk Whale -Bass, backing vocs
Blanko Nero -Bass, percussion
Blue Forest -Bass
Agalma -Bass, backing vocs
Protosoul -Bass, backing vocs, percussion, composing
Swarm -Bass, backing vocs, percussion, mixing, composing
Kate Bellia-Bass, keys, mixing, arranging, production, back vocs, final mix (Hands – River)
Billy Ostis -Bass, programming, mixing, production (Pamplona)
David McDowell -Bass, percussion, pre-mix (Remember New Orleans – Stickrace)
BBC – Galapagos & iSAFE promo section tracks

Equipment I own and operate:
Carvin LB70 fretless-modified bass, Yamaha RBX6JM-modified bass, SWR Grand-Prix preamp, Focusrite Tonefactory Platinum preamp, Focusrite Scarlett-6i6 audio interface, Fender TBP-1 preamp, Studiomaster C3X rack mixer, Behringer Eurorack UB1622FX console, Akai MPD226 controller, Boss GT6B & 10B multiFX, Zoom 506 multiFX, TC VoiceLive processor, Nady200 wireless, Terratec AXON-100MKII and Roland GR55 midi converters, Schroeder1512L cab, QSC PLX3002 pwramp, Warwick BlueCab30 bass combo, Korg X5D synth, Roland JD800 synth, Peavy custom shop el.guitar, Yamaha NCX700 electro-classical guitar, Shure SM58 mic, TC MP75 mic, Sontronics STC-3X mic, various hand percussion, AKG ATH-M50 and Sony MDR7509 headphones, Equator Q5 + sub and JBL Control1 monitors, Zoom H2 digital recorder, dual Xeon PC, Sonar X3Pro DAW with Waves, Sonnox, Izotope, Antares, Nomad Factory, PSP and Fabfilter plugins.

Αναζήτηση Μουσικών / Συνεργατών

Live shows & recordings, studio recordings, band projects, soundtrack projects, online collaborations


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