Shred With Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios

Some words about the Shred With Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios

TAB: Shred with Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios


The backing track is a simple I to II in G Lydian Modal Scale. ( G to A )

The concept behind these licks is to create wide intervalic sequences using the notes of the  major 7th arpeggio. Because of the distance between the notes and the string skipping, we are going to use hybrid picking as an optional technique.

This doesn’t mean that the licks cannot be played with other techniques!

String skipping 7th Arpeggios .

The G major 7th arpeggio is built from the notes G (1) B (3) D (5) F# (7) .

The fingerings I use in these two licks are based around the idea of playing two notes of the arpeggio per string without caring to keep the order of the arpeggio. By doing so, we gain wide intervallic relationship between the notes of the arpeggio. The only outcome of this idea is the string skipping that may occur. And here is the reason of using Hybrid Picking.

What is Hybrid Picking and why we should use it?

When we use Hybrid Picking , we simply use one (or more) fingers of our right hand (usually our middle finger and/or ring finger) along with our pick separately or simultaneously.

By using this technique we can accomplish three major things :

1) Change the tone of the notes we play.

2) Avoid large jumps with our pick when changing strings.

3) Take advantage of the instrument’s polyphonic possibilities.

How to make your own licks using the concept.

If you liked the sound of the licks, the first thing that you have to mess around with ,is the positions of the main 7th arpeggio types ,mainly by using two notes per string. Here you can have the types :

Major 7th (1 3 5 7)

Minor 7th (1 b3 5 b7)

Dominant 7th (1 3 5 b7)

Minor 7th b5 (1 b3 b5 b7)

Apart from that you will have to practice the string skipping versions of the above and practice them with hybrid picking until it feels completely natural to you.

Thank you for keeping up with this !

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