George Karayiannis – Licks to Learn Pt.A?

Licks to Learn , a series of lick based video lessons for guitar,that will cover a variety of different musical styles and techniques.
Jazz with Pentatonics Pt. 1

Some words about the Jazz with Pentatonics pt.1

TAB: Jazz with pentatonics pt1

The backing track is a simple II – V – I, on the key of C major just to keep it simple.

Assuming that you know the major and minor pentatonic scales ,the concept behind the licks will hopefully be the easiest way to “play over the changes”.

The pentatonics that will be used are : C major pentatonic , F major pentatonic (or D minor pentatonic) and the G major pentatonic.

The whole idea is to apply the F major pentatonic (or D minor) over the Dm7 chord ,

the Gmajor pentatonic over the G7 chord and the C major pentatonic over the Cmaj7 chord.

Note that these 3 pentatonics consist of notes derived from the parent major scale ,the C major scale.

This means that if we are on a major key (it works over any root note) we can play around with the major pentatonics of I , IV and V degree.For example in C major we can use C, F, G major pentatonics.

If we are on a minor key , we can play around with the relatives minor , I ,IV and V.

For example in A minor we can use the A, D, and E minor pentatonics.

This way we can achieve two major things.

1) Get different “colours”-sounds using our beloved ones (pentatonics)

2) Describe almost every chord of a scale using the appropriate pentatonic. The reason behind this is that

when you play for example the C major pentatonic ,the 3 out of the 5 notes are the notes of C major triad.

If you liked the sound of the licks and you want to explore even further the concept, I reccomend you to study the licks measure by measure slowly over each corresponding chord.

Remember that this concept applies in almost every situation regarding the musical style so play around with the idea over different chord progressions and music genres.

Thank you for keeping up with this !

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