Deejay Nic The Band – This Is Not A Game (Heartbreak) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Video made at FAIRYTALE, Nea Filadelfeia
Martina’s amazing dress by Love or War

deejay nic the band’s’ music video for ‘This Is Not A Game (Heartbreak)’ from the album Deejay Nic The Band available now on Phonographic Society Records.

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Music by Deejay Nic The Band
Lyrics by Konstantinos Tourlis & Deejay Nic
Produced by Deejay Nic
Mixing, mastering, programming by Miltos Schimatariotis

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Starring the lovely actress / singer MARTINA DEMOPOULOU
(AR3NA tv series, Vegan Mosquitoes)

Directed and edited by Thanos Liberopoulos
Assistant director: Christos Argiros
Production assistant: Panagiotis “Fu” Belesiotis

Makeup Katia Kouroupou

All alone another night
I don’t know if it feels right
All alone wondering why
why you have to say goodbye
Shut the lights close the heart
i see your face and fall apart
To lose my mind i’m just about
you had my all but threw it out

Hey hey hey this is not a game
but you love to play
Hey hey hey nothing left to say
such a shame

i can’t tell what’s going on
all you say your love is gone
I can’t tell if this is true
nothing else that I can do
come again for one last night
promise you that I won’t fight
come on break me don’t be kind
an illusion of my mind


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